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Counting Down with Enroller

News and Events:
Enroller has recently been extended until September 2011 and the team has also been awarded two further JISC bids for the Scots Words and Place-Names project and the Parliamentary Discourse project. Both will be active during the next six months, and will become part of Enroller when complete.
Portal Updates:
At the moment, the project eScience R.A., Sulman, and myself, the project R.A., Johanna, are working on the portal interface the data upload option and the advanced search.
Working with our Network of Scholars:
Our second face-to-face colloquium was held in February and the feedback from our Network of Scholars has proved invaluable! We’re currently working to integrate their suggestions into the layout and usability of the interface.
Portal Demonstrations and Conferences:
Enroller is off to Newcastle University twice during May, first to demonstrate our updated portal to the staff, postgrads and undergrads associated with NECTE, and second, to take part in NECTE’s ‘Corpora Galore’ event, where Enroller and the Parliamentary Discourse project will be giving a joint presentation.
Enroller is also presenting a paper at this year’s Digital Humanities conference at Stanford University in California, and again at the Helsinki Corpus Festival in September/October.
Social Media:
Enroller now has a brand new page on Facebook and is currently building up its followers list! If you’re reading this and are a Facebook user, why not find our page, like it, share it with friends and see what we’re getting up to. For the next week we’ll be sharing a word of the day via this page and via our Twitter account (@EnrollerProject) taken from one of our data sets: either the Historical Thesaurus of the OED, the Scottish Corpus of Texts and Speech, the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue or the Newcastle Electronic Corpus of Tyneside English. So take a look and share in the fun!
Get in Touch:
And finally, we’re always pleased to hear from people who have read our blog, followed our Tweets, liked our Facebook page, and used our portal — let us know what you think by contacting us at the address on our webpage: www.glasgow.ac.uk/enroller
And check back here soon for further news of our Newcastle visits and our preparations for DH11!