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Testing, testing…

So today’s agenda has only one task: to write a worksheet for our visit and demo of the Enroller portal to Newcastle University and the NECTE/DECTE team on Monday. We’ve spent the last few months digesting all the feedback our Network of Scholars gave at our second face-to-face colloquium in February and letting their suggestions and ideas direct the redesign of the portal’s layout and usability. Now we have a chance to re-test the work we’ve done and see what a new group of students and researchers think!

Have you tested our portal yet?

Go to: www.glasgow.ac.uk/enroller and select the ‘Portal’ link to try it. Do let us know what you think, especially if you encounter any problems – you’ll be helping us to create a resource that really works for its end-users! Our contact details can be found on our website.

Are you on Facebook or Twitter?

If so, search for ‘Enroller’ on Facebook and like our page – we’re posting our favourite word(s) from our main data sets every day for the coming week to welcome all our new fans!

If you’re on Twitter, why not follow @EnrollerProject and keep up to date with everything as it happens? And while you’re there, you could follow our fellow projects:

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– go on, you know you want to…